I adhere to a very strict"ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBLE DIPPING" policy which means a new applicator stick is used for every new wax application during each service.  After a disposable applicator touches your skin with wax, it is discarded and a new one is used to apply more where needed. This assures the most sanitary waxing experience possible. Exfoliation is key to a good waxing result and to avoid ingrown hairs.  It is important to exfoliate with a special mitt or glove the day of and prior to any bikini waxing service. Begin regular, daily exfoliation two days after your waxing service so that your follicles have time to calm down.  This helps remove dead skin cells that can prevent hairs from surfacing properly by clogging follicles.Exfoliation also helps the hair "release" easier from the follicle when being waxed.  Once on a regular waxing schedule (every four to five weeks) you will notice an easier waxing experience and better results each time, especially if you exfoliate regularly! 

I focus on bikini waxing for women only.  

Brazilians for women are my specialty

I provide the highest quality waxing service possible and use waxes from France that are considered "hard wax".  I only use hard wax.  This means that the wax does not require a paper or fabric strip and is much more kind to your skin than traditional strip wax.  This process takes a bit longer because the wax acts differently than strip wax and "shrink wraps" the hair leaving your skin clean and smooth with no sticky residue.  This special wax provides the best results.I will do my absolute best to make your experience a good one!    

Bikini waxing 
(all bikini waxing services are for women only)

  • *modest bikini  $40 
  • *extended bikini  $50 
  • *bare or strip Brazilian  $60


 *all prices are subject to change at owner's discretion.

At least 1/4 inch of growth is needed for a successful bikini waxing service. 
(about 2 weeks of growth if you have recently shaved)